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Bed bug dogs

The latest addition to Rentokil's bed bug detection arsenal is the bed bug dog.

Canines are well known for their highly developed sense of smell that can detect odours 10,000 times greater than humans.

Utilizing bed bugs dogs for effective bed bug control

Bed bug dogs give Rentokil pest experts a unique advantage by inspecting for bed bugs quickly - sometimes in as little as 30 seconds per room - with no disruption.

Bed bug dogs training

Rentokil bed bug dogs undergo rigorous training and have received certification through NESDCA - National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

The NESDCA is a certifying organization that provides the highest quality standards for Scent Detection Canines.

Bed bug dogs that provide Rentokil bed bug detection services are trained using the same methodology and training as drug-sniffing dogs, termite-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs and mold-sniffing dogs.

To ensure our dogs are the finest in the industry, our bed bug detection dogs undergo 600 to 1,000 hours of comprehensive training.

Bed bug dog inspections

Our dogs are specially trained to detect both bed bug eggs and live bed bugs with extreme accuracy.

Armed with a highly developed sense of smell, dogs can smell at a rate of two parts per trillion and alert their handler when they discover live bed bugs and their eggs.

The ability to find bed bugs in the smallest of crevices or cracks means quicker discovery and greater control of a potential infestation.

An important step our competitors tend to miss is verifying any alerts the dog makes before making any bed bug treatments.

Rentokil's highly trained professionals verify all dog alerts visually to ensure effective targeting of treatment zones. 

Offering bed bug dog inspections are an important part of our bed bug control solutions we offer our customers.

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