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Bed bug control for homes and businesses

Bed bugs have become a significant problem in Canada and around the world. They are easily spread and difficult to treat, resulting in rapid growth in the number of bed bug outbreaks worldwide. Since bed bugs can be transported via clothing and luggage, they are not exclusive to hotels and motels. These transient pests can be carried into homes, apartment buildings and businesses of every kind.

The key to beating any bed bug infestation is to raise awareness of what to look for and to ensure bed bugs are dealt with quickly once discovered. Rentokil has a dedicated team of experts equipped to provide a quick and efficient response to your bed bug issues.

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What causes bed bug infestations


Increased global travel is one of the biggest factors contributing to the increase in bed bug infestations in Canada, with the blood-sucking pests making a revival over the last decade. Lack of awareness and the “it will never happen to me” attitude have greatly contributed to the spread of bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations can often be traced back to hotels and motels, which host travellers from all over the world. Bed bugs get into clothing or suitcases and are then transported to homes and businesses. If there are any signs of bed bugs when staying at a hotel, particularly if you notice bites or see blood spots on sheets, take great care in bringing your personal belongings home.

Second-hand furniture

Bed bugs usually enter a property by being carried on poorly inspected clothing or furniture. Bed bugs can survive for many months without a blood meal so simply isolating an infested piece of furniture will not get rid of bed bugs.

Homeowners often unintentionally bring bed bugs into their homes by picking up infested, discarded furniture on the curb and bringing it inside.

Bed bug prevention tips for homes and businesses

Looking out for signs of bed bugs is a major part of preventing an infestation. Whether you are in a home or business, you can use the following practical tips to help keep bed bugs out of your space:

  • Before cleaning a room, perform a thorough scan of the room and examine bed bug hotspots such as inside headboards, along furniture seams, and underneath bedding.
  • Take time to learn about the signs of bed bugs and what their bites look like.
  • If you notice something suspicious, don’t take matters into your own hands. Reach out to a pest control professional.
  • Place any personal items in the room inside sealed bags to prevent spreading bed bugs to other travel destinations.

Our process

  • Contact - Once you contact your local Rentokil Canada office about your bed bug concern, our experts will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Inspection - We will discuss your pest problem, arrange an inspection if necessary and provide a quote and recommendations. Our Field Technicians will work to find Integrated Pest Management solutions tailored to your pest problem.

  • Treatment - Our well-trained and knowledgeable Technicians will then deploy innovative pest control products and services that are safe and follow health and environmental policies.

  • Aftercare - Our dedicated customer care team will take care of your queries and pest needs and inform you on our service warranty and PestFree365 Year-Round Protection Program.

Bed bugs FAQs

  • Q: What do bed bugs look like?

    A: Bed bugs are approximately 5-6 mm in length before a blood meal, extending to about 7 mm when fully engorged with blood. They are oval-shaped and flattened from back to underside with well-developed legs and no wings. Bed bugs are red to brown in colour, getting darker after feeding.

  • Q: What are the common signs of bed bugs?

    A: Common signs of bed bugs are small blood spots on bed sheets, fecal pellets, a distinctive musty or sweet smell and of course, live insects.

  • Q: Is there any potential harm of having bed bugs?

    A: The harm of bed bugs comes from their bite. Bed bugs move around easily and if not promptly and professionally treated, the infestation can quickly grow. Specialist solutions provided by professional pest control companies offer the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Q: What do bed bugs eat?

    A: Bed bugs feed on human blood.

  • Q: What steps can I take against bed bugs?

    A: We do not recommend that you try removing bed bugs on your own, as it can be difficult to eliminate the entire infestation. Your best course of action is to seek professional help.

Professional bed bug solutions

Rentokil has a long history of helping homes and businesses throughout Canada resolve their bed bug issues. Our expert Technicians use an Integrated Pest Management approach, using the most advanced protocols and products to completely eradicate bed bugs from your property and also ensure they do not return.

Whether you just returned from a vacation and unknowingly brought some blood-sucking visitors home with you or you discovered a bed bug outbreak at the commercial facility you manage, the Rentokil team is here to give you peace of mind every step of the way.

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