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Pest Problems and Diseases

Find yourself stung or bitten by something, but unsure why it happened? These pests can be annoying and cause distress, especially when it happen repetitively. Let us help you with these and other problems such as identifying who is occupying your roof space!

Dengue Fever

An infectious disease spread through Aedes mosquito bite. The symptoms range from sudden high fever, rashes to acute pain in the muscle. This can escalate to potentially life threatening disease, namely dengue haemorrhagic fever.


A fatal disease that transmits Leptospira bacteria from infected animals' urine, particularly rats. The symptoms include high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. One could even suffer from kidney failure, meningitis and even death if not treated.

Pests that Bite

Insects such as fleas and bed bugs bite to feed on blood. It bites to inject saliva so that their blood flows without clotting. The saliva often causes irritation, skin redness and swelling. It can also result illness by transmitting disease.

Pests that Sting

Insects such as wasp and bee sting as a form of defence when it perceives a threat either to itself or its colony. The effect is immediate and results in a sharp and burning sensation, while some will experience allergic reaction especially children.

Noise in the Roof Void

Noises of scurrying and scraping from the roof void is a sign that rodents or other wildlifes have taken up residence in your roof space. These pests can bring damage to your property from potential fire hazard to disease into your home.

Snake Bites

A bite from a venomous snake is extremely dangerous and can even be life threatening. Reaction to snake bite varies according to species, from instant swelling, dizziness to difficulty breathing.

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Integrated Pest Management

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