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Pest Inspection

Having a professional pest inspection for your business premises is essential because it enables you to look out for any pest activities in your property before it goes out of hand. Constant monitoring of pest activities allows you to keep a close watch for any infestation that may lead to serious and costly damages. Especially for the food and industrial/manufacturing industry, a routine scheduling of the pest inspection together with the premises inspection is optimal.

With Rentokil comprehensive Pest Inspection, our pest experts will provide you with an extensive assessment in every facility and area of your building if there is any signs of pest infestation, spotting everything from conducive conditions to signs of new pest introduction.

Benefits of Rentokil’s Pest Inspection:

  • Accurate pest identification - enables a more effective treatment to be deployed as different pest species may require different elimination methods.

  • Early detection - of pest activities allows you to take prompt action to minimise the risk of serious infestation that may incur costlier damages.

  • Industry expertise - We know what it takes to protect your business effectively against a wide range of pests.

Schedule an appointment with us here to discuss further as to how best we can assist to include this comprehensive inspection into your pest control plan.

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Premises Inspection

Identify structural vulnerabilities of your property that are potential pest entry points