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As an experienced hotel manager, you do not need us to tell you about the cost and inconvenience of a pest infestation.

You are well aware of the threats this could pose to your business – the irretrievable revenue loss that comes from having rooms out of use, the lost revenue and potential for litigation by disgruntled guests.

For this reason, we believe in guarding against an infestation before it occurs. We draw on our years of experience in hotel pest control to develop a customized pest prevention program that ensures your food and beverage areas remain open and rooms are always available.

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Pests are trying to infest your hotel 365 days a year. Keep you hotel pest-free by signing up for a free inspection.

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Rentokil’s Hospitality Industry Expertise - Rentokil works with national and local industry associations and thought leaders to better serve our customers. We leverage industry-specific opportunities so we enhance our expertise and we are pleased to support the AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging Association).

Rentokil’s Pest Control Solutions for Hotels - As part of an integrated service program, your local Technician will schedule visits to your hotel, the frequency of inspections relating to the degree of risk. They will check rodent bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential threats and advise on any measures that will reduce the risk of future problems.

Should you experience an infestation, our rapid response commitment means that your technician will reach you quickly to address the situation using effective, scientifically proven treatment techniques.

The Rentokil Difference - Different parts of a hotel face different pest challenges.

Rentokil will develop customized service programs targeted to specific areas of a hotel to keep these areas pest free.

When we develop a service program for your hotel, we will ensure that your business complies with all international and local regulations relating to pest control and health & safety.

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