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About Rentokil

Rentokil has stood for effective pest control ever since we were founded in the UK back in 1927. We started out as a small company but soon started to grow thanks to the reliable service we provided. When war broke out in 1939, Rentokil was called into action. The nation's dwindling food stores could not afford any losses to pests β€” so we stepped in to protect them. Rentokil's reputation, and our brand recognition, was growing fast. 

In the post-war years, Rentokil continued to thrive, gradually expanding into other businesses and eventually becoming Rentokil Initial PLC, the blue chip company currently quoted on the Stock Exchange. 

In all our years of operation, Rentokil has never stopped learning. We've amassed an unrivalled store of pest control expertise, and we've always managed to stay one jump ahead of the latest pests β€” by developing our products and services faster than they evolve. 

We entered the Brunei market in 2007 providing effective and reliable pest control to both commercial and residential customers.

β€œTo date, we have more than 600 employees who share the same objective in delivering quality services to hundreds of customers by doing the Right Things in the Right Way. Thus, we have driven aligned actions that encompass strategies and plans across the business to meet competitive challenges and achieve excellence. Convenience, reliability, collective teamwork throughout the extensive network and our people's expertise are the keys to our success. At Rentokil Initial, we value our people as they are the stronghold and essence of our business, being the link to our customers and stakeholders at different points of our business operations. 

Rentokil Initial is gratified to be an internationally recognised brand that is part of a global network. The brand Rentokil is synonymous with quality pest control and as a dynamic organisation, we inculcate strong company values that shape the way we work, namely Service, Relationships, and Teamwork. We believe in working together, not just amongst ourselves, but also with our customers as a long-term partner whom they can trust to take care of their essential needs in pest risk management.” 


Louis Leong 
Managing Director 
Rentokil Initial Brunei

Our Reputation

For us to protect your reputation, we must first ensure we do well to society and be excellent practitioners of health and safety guidelines that cover everything from health and safety on customer premises, to the fundamentals of environmental pest control, to using water wisely. We put the environment first and aim to cause the least possible impact and adhere to our corporate social responsibilities to make clear exactly where we stand.

Everyone at Rentokil, from Service Technicians out in the field to senior management in the boardroom, demonstrates a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental pest control by putting our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.