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Combatting SPIs: the smallest pests but biggest threat to food supplies

Stored product insects (SPIs) are the most costly pests to food businesses and destroy or contaminate a significant proportion of the world’s food supplies. Even in a developed country such as the US, SPIs damage up to 10% of food supplies and, in developing countries, a much higher proportion.

As food supply chains have become globalised and more complex, the risks of pests moving around the world and between suppliers have increased. SPIs are a threat at all stages of the supply chain, even to many types of packaged foods.

Find out why businesses have to be “always on” to prevent these pests from causing damage. In our video, Nancy Troyano, Entomologist, Director of Operations for Rentokil North America and Paul Donegan, Digital Innovation Director for Rentokil Initial, explain at the GFSI 2020 conference how expertise combined with innovative uses of data can help businesses combat SPIs more effectively.



Expertise in SPIs, combined with technology, data and insights, enables the creation of highly customised pest management programmes that ensure businesses are better prepared to combat the smallest pest, but the biggest threat to food safety.

For more information on the challenges that SPIs pose, which are the greatest threat and where in the supply chain, and how businesses can overcome them, read our report today!

Digital pest control: Stay one step ahead of pests

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