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Remote monitoring services to protect your business in the event of COVID-19 lockdowns

Stay one step ahead of pests with remote monitoring


Digital pest control is the most effective and efficient way to keep your business free of pests. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from remote monitoring through proactively eliminating problems and staying on the right side of ever-evolving regulation.  

Collect and analyse smart data from your traps to create a holistic digital solution that helps you predict, prevent and report all pest issues across your food and beverage processing operations.

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Why leave your pest control to chance?

With risk mapping, you can realise new levels of insight to easily identify potential pest threats across your entire business operations. Our digital solution helps you determine where to focus your efforts so your business remains pest-free.

Risk mapping and remote monitoring to take your pest control to new levels

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Jack Lyons

I joined the Marketing and Innovation team at Rentokil in 2015, and my mind has quickly become accustomed to the weird and wonderful world of pests. Outside of work my main hobby is music, being a huge fan of bands such as Queen and Led Zeppelin as well as being an avid drummer.

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