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The rise of rats during the COVID-19 lockdown

At a time when governments around the world are implementing a shutdown of non-critical services to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and protect the population, rats are taking the opportunity to move into the perfect habitats that empty buildings provide.

As operations for a range of business sectors are currently on pause, it’s critical that you ensure your premises are safeguarded in preparation for when normal operations resume and keep unnecessary visits to hospitals to a minimum.

Rise of rats during lockdown: COVID 19 infographic

How to protect your business from rats during periods of closure

To prevent rats from gaining access to your business during a lockdown, it’s essential to use a professional pest control company to prevent infestations becoming a greater health and financial risk.

Rentokil offers a range of digital pest control solutions to proactively prevent, monitor and manage rodents with new levels of efficiency and control, helping to keep your business safe and secure.

Leading pest control solutions and unparalleled pest management services for your business

COVID-19 disinfection services

Rentokil’s disinfection solutions can help businesses deal with the effects of coronavirus.

  • Protects your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.
  • Targeted disinfection solutions including ULV fogging and touchpoint cleaning.
  • A tailored service delivered in a safe, discreet and legally compliant manner.
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