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Know that your business is always protected

As lockdown restrictions ease, organisations around the world are starting to re-open. How things will work in the ‘new normal’ is yet to be known, but we’re already seeing how social distancing measures are changing the ways that businesses operate. As you consider new ways of working on your premises, digital solutions can manage your pest control remotely and keep you prepared for any eventuality – whether you have access to your building again or if further restrictions are enforced.

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Discover remote monitoring


Current circumstances make the value of remote monitoring clearer than ever before. Digital pest control technology can proactively improve your pest management and help you safeguard for the future. We’ve outlined a few of the benefits of remote monitoring and explained how digital solutions can help protect your business – both during and after lockdowns – in this blog post.

Rentokil’s remote monitoring solution – PestConnect – is an award-winning digital ecosystem made up of 108,000 devices installed in over 5,300 sites across 25 countries. Our devices operate remotely and continuously monitor pest activity, alerting our technicians when devices are triggered so they can act accordingly. Customers are kept informed on our interactive portal – myRentokil – that has the most comprehensive list of features and functionality compared to any other interactive customer portal on the market.


Constant protection for your business

Working from home during lockdown
  • Even when access is limited, digital solutions operate 24/7 and constantly monitor your facilities, giving reassurance that your business is protected
  • Our reliable devices immediately report on onsite activity while providing system updates, such as low battery levels
  • Connected systems and baiting devices start working straight away, helping prevent pest infestations from escalating

Keeping you updated – even from afar

Rentokil technician protecting a customers business during lockdown
  • PestConnect devices are fully integrated into our online portal
  • Available on multiple devices, myRentokil can be accessed from wherever you’re working online
  • With real-time reporting, you’re informed of any pest activity on your premises immediately
  • The portal also features trend reports, recommendations, interactive maps and charts, and analysis tools to support pest control audits
  • For further insight, the platform can be tailored to your business needs, with the ability to filter data for greater understanding of pest activity by pest type or devices

Maximum protection, minimal contact

Remote monitoring solutions to protect your business during COVID-19
  • Digital systems operate with minimal contact, so your premises are monitored at all times; our technicians act only when necessary and in the safest way possible. This protects your business without exposing your employees or customers to additional risks

Evidence that you’re covered

Officer works during COVID19 lockdowns
  • You’re given a complete record of pest activity on your premises, with total visibility across current and historic activations
  • Insight shared on our online portal can also improve audit compliance and provide additional assurance to third-party auditors

Stay in control with PestConnect and myRentokil

Digital pest control to protect server rooms during COVID-19 lockdonws

Remote monitoring solutions can protect your business at all times, support more distant ways of working in the ‘new normal’ and help keep you prepared for the future. Harness the power of digital pest management and get peace of mind from the experts that your employees, customers and businesses are safe with PestConnect and myRentokil.

Remote monitoring: ensuring your business is always protected with digital pest control

COVID-19 disinfection services

Rentokil’s disinfection solutions can help businesses deal with the effects of coronavirus.

  • Protects your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.
  • Targeted disinfection solutions including ULV fogging and touchpoint cleaning.
  • A tailored service delivered in a safe, discreet and legally compliant manner.
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