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The cost of a product recall in the food industry

For the food industry, product recalls are a major threat. It is estimated that it costs around $10m in direct costs to recall a product. This doesn’t even take into account the costs of the damages to your brand and the loss of sales.

One of the biggest causes of product recalls in the food industry is the discover of food-borne pathogens and associated illnesses such as salmonella and e.coli. The impact this can have on the consumer’s health and wellbeing is a big concern and is why food safety is such a priority for the food industry. Brands and companies must adhere to these standards to ensure no product recalls occur.

New technologies such as the Internet of Things are constantly being used throughout the global food supply chain to ensure food safety is met to a high standard and help reduce the risk of product recalls.

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The cost of a product recall in the food industry infographic

Food processing infographic: The cost of food product recalls

How the internet of things can reduce the risk of product recalls

The Internet of Things is set to provide the food industry with an innovative solution to reduce the risk of contamination and product recalls, helping you protect both your customers and brand reputation.  Download a copy of our FREE report to discover how the IoT can help support your business to improve food safety.

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