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Pest control innovations

Since our humble beginning over 90 years ago, research, science and innovation have been at the forefront of Rentokil.

Our Global Research and Development Centre drives our industry-leading innovations to provide superior commercial pest control solutions for customers across the globe.

From digital pest control solutions to LED enabled fly control traps our innovative solutions refine pest identification, monitoring and control to support diverse business sectors from food and beverage processing facilities to hotels and restaurants.

A fly infestation can spell disaster – they’re one of the most likely insects to cause damage and disruption to a business. There are, astonishingly, 120,000 species...

Your business may be restricted by lockdowns, but pest aren’t. In fact, buildings that have been left empty may have been exposed to increased pest risks because entry is easier and food and shelter are available while other establishments are closed.

A business that has a problem with flies or other flying insects should take an integrated approach to eliminating the pests.

Flying insects cause a nuisance for businesses round the world. They’re an expensive problem. With over 120,000 species of flies spreading over 200 different pathogens worldwide.

A fly infestation can spell disaster. Flies are one of the most likely insects to cause damage and disruption to a food service or food production business.

Watch our latest video and realise new levels of insight to easily identify potential pest threats across your business.

Digital pest control is the most effective and efficient way to keep your business free of pests. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from remote monitoring

Technological advances are improving every aspect of business, with digital and cloud-based systems bringing vast efficiencies and cost savings.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for food safety employs a combination of practices to eliminate the root cause of pest infestations, focusing on prevention measures rather than a reactive regime.

Rats and mice are agile creatures and can readily climb pipes, cables, inside ducting and even brick walls in their constant search for food and shelter.

The food industry is facing increasing pressure from consumers and regulators to improve food safety.

Exponential population growth and the rise of the middle-classes globally has led to a sharp increase in consumer demands, which large-scale businesses now have to contend with.

In recent years, several critical factors have driven the pest control industry and business towards non-tox solutions.

Over recent decades many mosquito-borne diseases have resurfaced or emerged and spread rapidly. From Zika, dengue to West Nile fever and chikungunya.

Rentokil has developed a new, unique tool to help assess the extent of rodent infestations. The Fluorescent Tracking Gel is a specially formulated non-toxic fluorescent gel that highlights rodent tracks

Whilst counting sheep might not be very useful in helping you fall asleep, it appears that counting flies fulfills a very important purpose.

Flies are a major risk to any businesses handling food such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets as well as food processing facilities

It doesn’t take a pest control professional to know that insects are attracted to light. Just think of all those times you’ve seen moths and other insects frantically flying into or around light fixtures when it’s dark out.

Their ability to spread a range of diseases is why a select species of bird such as pigeons and gulls are regarded as pests.

A new innovative pest management solution from Rentokil builds on an old idea but addresses an important gap in protecting businesses from rodents.

Flies and other flying insects are a threat to businesses that need contamination-free environments, such as those handling food or pharmaceuticals.