Birds can have a big impact on businesses, particularly when food safety is involved due to the diseases they spread.

View our infographic to discover everything you need to know about the common diseases spread by pigeons, gulls and other species of birds.


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  1. Sandra B Wright Reply to Sandra

    I REMOVED 2 birds nest from my hair salon last may. I have been to approximately 10 drs and had 4 exterminators. After countless dr. Bills and whatever has occurred with this. I was diagnosed with rocky mt. Spotty fever with this episode. I have had some drs. Think I’m mental but I have almost lost my business because of unpredictable health issues.I would be so thankful for any help or info to get rid of this problem. Almost a year of total turture.
    Thank you. Sandra Wright

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear about your bird problem. If you could please tell me where you live I can provide you with the number to your local Rentokil Office. Thanks, Jack

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