Food Safety Podcast Episode 1: How online technology is transforming food supply chains

In our first podcast, Rentokil innovation leaders explain how changes in the food supply chain, driven by consumer behaviour, are bringing new threats to food safety.

Online grocery buying has revolutionized the food supply chain by creating a demand for the delivery of perishable goods to the consumer. When online shopping for groceries first started, orders were fulfilled in a local supermarket and shipped by lorry direct to the consumer. Nowadays, online orders go from a supermarket warehouse to an automated warehouse and through a complex logistics chain before reaching the consumer.

This new supply chain is creating weak points that are allowing the entry of pests. These new warehouses often have problems with building integrity and there are increasing reports of pests in pallets and vehicles. In addition, automation is reducing human presence inside buildings and allowing pest infestation to go unnoticed.

In food processing businesses, it is common practice to inspect vehicles and food processing areas for pests. In this new logistics sector, however, the sanitation practices have yet to catch up with emerging threats from insects and rodents.

The pest management industry as a whole needs to evolve to meet and manage these new risks and develop technological solutions for pest control in our modern food supply chains.

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Jack Lyons

I joined the Marketing and Innovation team at Rentokil in 2015, and my mind has quickly become accustomed to the weird and wonderful world of pests. Outside of work my main hobby is music, being a huge fan of bands such as Queen and Led Zeppelin as well as being an avid drummer.

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