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Flies: One of the world’s most disruptive pest

For businesses, particularly those operating within the food processing industry, flies can be a big concern. These insects are known to spread over 200 different pathogens. Not only can this conflict with food safety standards, but it also puts both your staff and customers at risk.

On average, businesses across the globe spend $9,033 a year on flies. This is because the impact fly infestations can have on a business ranges from staff absence to revenue and brand reputation.

Why are flies one of the world’s most disruptive pests?

In 2014, Rentokil commissioned Opinion Matters and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to analyse the true impact pest infestations have on businesses in the food industry and businesses that do not handle food. The research shows that out of all the common pests that affect businesses across the globe, flies are by far the most disruptive, particularly when food is a core part of the business.

Flies are known to spread a wide range of pathogens such as Salmonella sp. and E.coli. which can affect multiple areas of a business. Fly infestations can have an impact on staff. 11% of businesses we surveyed reported that flies are the leading cause of staff illnesses. This results in a big disruption to productivity affecting business activities.

It was also found that an average of 9 working days is lost each year following a fly infestation. Flies can damage a brand’s reputation. 64% of businesses worry about compensation claims resulting from an outbreak of food-borne diseases.

To add to this, 45% of business who have suffered from a fly infestation report a high to moderate concern about a loss of income.

How to prevent flies

Ensuring the necessary prevention procedures are in place can help protect your business from flies and the pathogens they spread. Basic hygiene practices will deny flies access to food sources and breeding sites. These practices include maintaining standards of cleaning, waste handling and property maintenance.

Rentokil offer a range of professional pest control solutions to help reduce the presence of flies in your business premises in a hygienic manner, helping to comply with food safety and other legislation.

Commercial fly control

Lumnia is a new, innovative, commercial fly control solution from Rentokil designed to effectively attract, kill and encapsulate flies in a hygienic manner. Lumnia uses high attraction output LED lamps to attract flies to the unit. The use of LEDs provide an average energy saving of 61% compared to traditional electric fly killers.

The encapsulation on a Lumnia fly control unit eliminates the risk of fly debris falling outside the unit and helps to reduce the risk of contamination.

Digital pest control: Stay one step ahead of pests

Our range of digital pest management solutions provide food businesses with new levels of efficiency and control

  • Superior 24/365 pest monitoring and control
  • Unparalleled insights from over 77,000 connected devices.
  • Data-driven preventative measures to help mitigate risk.
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27 March 2017