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Category: Food safety

One of the biggest challenges facing modern society is the escalated pressure on the food industry to safely meet ever-growing demands. The global population is set to grow to 9.1 billion by 2050 and the parallel trend towards urbanisation marches on unabated. Put together, these facts mean we are going to see a continuing and increasing need for safe, high-quality foodstuffs that must meet changing tastes and expectations of a rising population.

As a result, the global food supply chain is becoming increasingly stretched and complex, introducing new and additional burdens of risk that – if not managed properly – can cause food safety systems to collapse. Every year, pests cause significant damage to the food industry; the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) estimated £11.8 billion in lost revenue due to pest incidences alone, not taking into account the magnitude of legal, social and operational consequences which follow.a pest infestation.

As part of our commitment to advancing food safety, we look at what food businesses can do in response to emerging risks which can have significant impact on communities, health systems, business revenue, and reputation.

Aishah Hussain
Before COVID-19, the food industry had a multitude of challenges: an ever-increasing complex supply chain, stringent legislation and rising standards for compliance and audits, political and environmental upheavals in parts of the world (Brexit, climate change),...



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