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Web Accessibility

Information about accessibility whilst using the Rentokil website

Our website has been developed with accessibility in mind. In an effort to make our site available to the widest possible audience, we are committed to supporting the Web Accessibility Initiative. Ultimately, this means visitors can view our site using a large variety of web browsers and screen readers.

Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links or forms by typing keys defined on the web site. In Microsoft Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; in Mac OS, you can press CTRL + an access key.

The following access keys are available throughout the Rentokil Initial website:

  • Access Key - Function

  • 1 - Navigate to the homepage

  • 2 - Skip the navigation

  • 3 - Navigate to the sitemap

  • 4 - Activate the search form

  • 9 - Navigate to the "Contact Us" page

  • 0 - Navigate to the accessibility information (this page)


The stylesheet (CSS) of this website has been optimised for printing. This means that any user of this site can activate the print function of their browser and receive a “printer friendly” version of the currently active page.

The “printer friendly” version of the page will not contain any site navigation, section navigation, the search facility, the branding image or the site footer.

NOTE: If Javascript is not supported by your browser, or Javascript support is currently turned off, pages that display a “Click here to print…” link will link to this information instead.

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