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Why your DIY mosquito treatments aren’t working

If it sometimes feels like you have tried a million new sprays, balms and gadgets to get rid of mosquitoes but the problem persists, you’re not alone. The DIY mosquito control industry is a booming business with new treatments and methods being launched every year. The reason is simple – mosquitoes are hard to get rid of.

A plaster for the sore

Many DIY treatments offer temporary solutions and do not get to the source of the problem. While zappers may kill the adult mosquitoes in flight, what about the eggs they have laid or the recently hatched larvae in the drain behind your home? For permanent success, mosquitoes need to be targeted at every stage of their life cycle which is why bug spray, repellant and zappers can only offer momentary relief.

Why bug sprays alone won’t work

Bug sprays and fogging have been used for over a century as a fairly reliable method of mosquito control but their results are temporary if not used as part of a fully integrated approach. Fogging, like bug spray, kills adult mosquitoes in flight but does not affect larvae. Including larval treatment with fogging increases your chance of longer lasting mosquito control. A word of caution – do your homework when it comes to fogging to ensure that your provider is using chemicals that are safe for humans, pets, other insects and crops.

Natural may not be long lasting

Natural methods such as citronella oil can be very useful in repelling mosquitoes but research has shown that the effects are temporary. Similar to zappers and bug spray, natural balms, repellents and scents do not get to the root of the mosquito problem and offer only temporary relief.

Check your garden

Female mosquitoes only require half a tablespoon of stagnant water to lay eggs – and that is not hard to find! Water pools easily anywhere especially in rainy season. Be vigilant with your lawn ensuring grass is always trimmed low, cuttings are promptly discarded, leaks and drainage issues are fixed and cracks and holes in concrete are sealed. Another tip – clear your guttering regularly to reduce the chance of water pooling.

A fully integrated approach to mosquito control

Fully resolving a mosquito problem requires an integrated approach that targets mosquitoes at every stage of the life cycle and this may involve professional solutions. Mosquito traps are the new international gold standard in mosquito control offering a chemical free, low maintenance and ongoing alternative. Traps use mosquitoes own host-seeking or egg laying behavior against them to lure and capture them.  Where mosquito traps may not yet be available, a three step approach that involves site inspection to remove breeding sites, larval treatment and fogging is highly recommended.


Think you have a mosquito problem?

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