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What makes our fly control stand out

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Electronic traps are considered the gold standard in fly control, but not all are created equal. If you are in the market for fly control you would have noticed that traps vary widely in size, design and capabilities. Backed by the expertise of our Global Centre for Science and Innovation, Rentokil’s range of LED powered fly control units offer state of the art fly capture thanks to innovations in design and functionality. Read on to learn more about how Lumnia can get your fly problem under control.

Better attraction rate

Flies’ UV photoreceptors are tuned to wavelengths around 350 nanometres. Lumnia lamps have a UV output of 365nm – close to the optimum wavelength of fly UV receptors making them appear bright and intense to the flies. Additionally, because there is limited UV light in indoor environments, Lumnia’s LED powered lamps stand out as bright sources of light to the flies, attracting them from further away.

More bang for less buck

LEDs are more sustainable, longer-lasting and energy efficient than fluorescent tubes. Because Lumnia units use LED lamps, as opposed to fluorescent tubes, there is reduced power consumption and less heat loss. Tests have also shown that LED tubes have an 80% further throw of combined UVA/UVB than traditional fluorescent tubes making them far more efficient. Lumnia’s LED lamps are guaranteed to last four years compared to one year for equivalent fluorescent UV tubes reducing lamp waste by 75%.

Colour matters

Research has shown that colour contrast is critical to attracting flies. Lumnia casing is designed with a darker colour to provide greater contrast against your wall and guarantee a higher catch-rate. Our expert technicians are specially trained to determine the best positioning (with the highest contrast) for your Lumnia unit on your premises.

Horizontal versus vertical

Extensive testing has shown that horizontal orientation best imitates the appearance of UV light in the natural environment which is why Lumnia units have adopted a horizontal orientation to emit wide, discrete bands of light.

Slim and discreet

Lumnia units offer a sleek and futuristic design to blend seamlessly into your décor making it an ideal choice for public facing spaces such as restaurants.  The functional design also allows for quick and convenient servicing.

lumnia install

The Lumnia range of LED powered fly control units is available in five sizes and designs to offer customers a variety of choices that best suit their space. As with any pest control solution, we strongly recommend an integrated approach to fly control for maximum results.  This means that your fly control does not end with the product. Rather, it is accompanied by a suite of recommendations from our expert technicians that come together to eliminate the root cause of fly issues and focus on long-term prevention. Fly traps, for example, should always be coupled with proper sanitation – the key to reducing fly populations.

Ready to get Lumnia on your premises? The process begins with a site visit by one of our professionally trained specialists to determine the most appropriate unit and placement for your property. Once the proposal is approved, installation is swiftly completed with minimal disruption to the workplace.

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