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This latest innovation is a game changer in mosquito control

This latest innovation is a game changer in mosquito control

Mosquito traps are now the gold standard in preventing and controlling mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance.  They represent a significant threat to public health. In the first six months of 2024, PAHO reported over 4,500 dengue related deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting the need for urgent action to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne disease.

There are many measures property owners can take to protect their families. Keeping a trimmed and tidy lawn and regularly clearing guttering are good first steps in reducing the likelihood of breeding spots. Installing screens and mosquito nets also offer an added layer of protection. Despite best efforts however, mosquito populations sometimes continue to surge requiring professional intervention.

Enter mosquito traps, the latest innovation in mosquito control which offers a long term, sustainable solution for both indoors and outdoors. Mosquito traps work by using mosquitoes own behavior at various stages of their life cycle to capture them. A combination of traps is often recommended, together with other traditional methods for complete control of mosquito populations.

The Biogents (BG) mosquito traps are considered the gold standard in mosquito control and are available in the region through Rentokil Initial.  The BG Home, Mosquitaire and Protector traps target mosquitoes in their host-seeking phase, by emitting an air plume comprising human like CO2 levels and human scent to draw the mosquitoes near. A fan located in the trap then pulls the mosquito in to capture. The BG GAT trap is specifically designed for outdoor use to attract mosquitoes that are on the hunt for breeding sites. The trap mimics a breeding site and uses water and oviposition cues to attract egg laying females. Females are captured by a sticky surface when they try to escape the funnel and eventually die.

All BG traps are designed for long term use with minimal maintenance. Maintenance simply requires clearing the trap of the dead mosquitoes and replacing the scent sachets as needed. Outdoor traps are completely weather proof and all models operate with very low power consumption (5 watts). Another environmental plus: BG traps do not use any toxic chemicals.

The positioning of traps is critical to their success.  Several different locations may need to be tested before identifying optimum placement for maximum catch rate. As with many of our other pest control methods, a multi-step approach is recommended to achieve maximum mosquito control and this will include misting and larval treatment. Customers are also strongly advised to remove/empty all potential breeding sources on their property.

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