Safeguarding your business

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Safeguarding your business for the future

When governments around the world ordered the shutdown of non-critical businesses and services to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, it left many buildings lying empty or with reduced human presence. The world was on lockdown but pests weren’t.

 With restrictions easing, it’s time to return to the workplace. Businesses need to ensure any existing pest infestations have been identified and addressed while implementing measures and solutions to limit the risk of further infestations if another lockdown happens. Our enhanced pest control will help you mitigate the risk of liability and reduce illness from germ transmission.

We offer a host of tailored services and solutions to ensure you have peace of mind that pests are under control and your business can re-open in a timely manner. Your business will benefit from continuous monitoring capability with the most appropriate pest solutions for your business needs, both internally and externally, and online pest management reporting that includes trend reporting, recommendations and analysis tools.

Enhanced pest control solutions

Protecting your people and premises - Now and in the future

Our integrated range of hygiene and pest control services have been meticulously designed to protect your business going forward and to plan for the potential of another lockdown.

These services support the top most hygiene standards now and in the future and to ensure your premises remain safe from pests – even if the building has been left empty for a considerable length of time.

Advice & staff education

  • Advice on how & where hygiene solutions should be provided to maximise usage and protection. 
  • Provide a range of educational assets to support greater hygiene awareness.

Personal reassurance solutions

  • A range of personal protection and hygiene solutions to protect your colleagues.
  • Homeworker packages designed to protect and reassure your staff.

Continuity of service planning

  • An agreed continuity of service plan ensure protection still takes place in the event of further closures. 
  • Full ongoing reporting will be provided via myRentokil portals.

Supporting your business through these challenging times

We’ve been protecting customers from the risks of poor hygiene and pest-borne diseases for over 100 years. Our experts deliver an ongoing service that’s both reliable and hassle-free, leaving you to focus on the operations of your business, safe in the knowledge that your hygiene and pest control needs are being taken care of.



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