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Recovery pest services

Our recovery solutions eliminate any pest issues that may have occurred during periods of closure to ensure that your premises are pest-free and safe to use

Buildings left vacant during a lockdown can become a haven for pests. They can take advantage of the absence of human disturbance and unmaintained buildings to gain entry through weak points in the building. Once inside, they can find harbourage in many places within the building fabric, causing damage as they spread around the property and contaminate surfaces with dirt and droppings.

Many types of pest are a threat to buildings, including rodents, flying and crawling insects, birds, squirrels, rabbits and other mammals. Rodents, especially, can cause significant gnawing damage to the building structure and equipment, such as electrical cables and fibre optic equipment. Rodents, birds, flies and cockroaches all pose a serious threat to health from the diseases and ectoparasites that they carry.

Rentokil’s recovery pest control services are aimed at helping businesses get their premises ready to open again by ensuring pests are eliminated and buildings are safe to use. Our services include pest disinfection, pest-proofing and targeted infestation treatments.

Pest disinfection

Pest disinfection protects your property from harmful microorganisms spread by pests in their faeces and urine during an infestation.

Our treatment applies a biocidal solution as a mist to the affected areas of your property to provide long-term protection.

The treatment is food-safe, non-corrosive, non-staining and safe to use on many surfaces.

Pest proofing services

Our pest-proofing services provide a range of solutions to prevent pests entering buildings and causing damage to the structure, equipment and stock.

Our pest-proofing solutions include bird netting, door-proofing, rodent climbing deterrents, gap-filling products and protection for loading areas and roller doors.

Targeted infestation treatments

Targeted treatments use our award-winning pest-control products to address pest infestations more efficiently.

These include the PestConnect remote monitoring and rodent protection system and the Lumnia insect light trap range that uses UV LED technology for a highly effective and low-energy consumption solution.

Our recovery pest services

Rentokil’s recovery pest control solutions can help protect your premises, people, stock and equipment and make your business safe from disruption during the coronavirus crisis.

Reduce the risk of illnesses associated with pests

Eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses spread by pests to reduce the risk of illnesses associated with infestations.

Maintain a pest-free environment

Eradicate pest infestations and maintain your premises pest-free with our industry-leading solutions

Protect your business using science and innovation

Innovative solutions and services supported by the expertise of scientists and field biologists.

Supporting your business through these challenging times

Rentokil is part of Rentokil Initial, the world’s largest commercial pest control company. We provide services in over 80 countries worldwide and employ over 43,000 people. Our mission is to protect people and enhance lives. We are committed to supporting businesses return to normal operations safely and maintain a safe environment.

A range of innovative solutions to help return buildings and workplaces back to normal use and ensure the safety of employees and customers

Safeguarding your business for the future

We offer a host of tailored services and solutions to ensure you have peace of mind that pests are under control and that your business, staff and customers are protected now and in the future

Integrated hygiene services

By helping stop the spread of germs and reducing cross-contamination risks, integrated hygiene practices can help businesses get back to work quickly and safely and continue to keep colleagues and customers protected.