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Helping you be prepared for the new world

Protecting your business with better hygiene and pest control

As lockdown restrictions ease, organisations are re-opening and welcoming back employees, visitors and customers in circumstances that most of us haven’t experienced in our lifetime. Returning after closure, meeting the increased expectations people have in this ‘new normal’ and minimising risk – now and in the future – can be challenging both operationally and in terms of health protection.

Included in this free eBook

  • Guide to contamination sources
  • Ways to combat transmission
  • Safer, healthier and hygienic: the ‘new normal’
  • How Rentokil Initial can help

Keeping your business safe now and in the future

  • Recovery pest control services to ensure that your premises are safe to use
  • Integrated hygiene services – that cover surface, hand and air hygiene – to protect your colleagues and customers and create safer working environments
  • Enhanced pest control to keep your business pest-free – even if further lockdowns are enforced
  • A range of solutions and recommendations to help mitigate risk and protect your people and premises

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Download our latest eBook for guidance on how your organisation can keep your staff and customers protected in this new world and arrange measures to keep them safe beyond re-opening.

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Global reach, local expertise

As the global leaders in pest control, Rentokil has over 90 years of expertise and are trusted by multinational brands in over 80 countries across the globe to advance their food safety standards through innovative, preventative solutions using the latest in pest control technology.