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Textile pests

Textile pests include moths and many beetle species that feed on the natural protein 'Keratin'. This can be found in any textile of animal origin including wool, mohair, silk, animal hair, leather and feathers.

It is only when these insects become established in your property, and are left untreated, that they cause serious harm, such as:

  • Damage to historic artefacts.
  • Damage to clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture.
  • Contamination of foodstuffs and fabric–based goods.

For businesses, the presence of an infestation may also lead to damaged reputation and custom from the loss of stored items and irreparable damage to historical items.

According to CSIRO, at least ten species of textile pest have been recorded in Australia, however only a few of these, mainly the introduced species, are commonly encountered.

The clothes moth species occur most frequently in the humid, coastal areas of the continent. Carpet beetles are more likely to be found inland.

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Types of textile pests

Treating textile pests

Hygiene plays a vital role in both the prevention and treatment of textile pests. At Rentokil, we have access to multiple control methods, which can provide quick and efficient control of an infestation in your home or business.

Our services guarantee a safe and reliable solution and includes a combination of:

  • Traditional chemical treatments - including surface and space sprays to deeply penetrate infested fabric items.
  • Non-chemical treatments - includes thorough vacuuming, washing and correct storage advice to protect items in long-term storage.
  • Specialised heat treatment - our Entotherm heat treatment effectively eliminates all life stages of an insect infesting your fabric items, including furniture. The portable design of our Heat Pod allows for its use in your home or business, helping to ensure minimum disruption.

Rentokil’s textile pest control services

We have been trusted in Australia for almost 50 years, to provide efficient and reliable pest control solutions for both homes and businesses.

Local with national/international scale - through our local offices we can provide expert services throughout the entire continent, whilst leveraging an international knowledge base.

Experts in pest control - our technicians are trained monthly on the best technologies and processes for treating textile pests.

Targeted , customizable solutions - we have access to traditional chemical (insecticidal) solutions which can be targeted to offer the highest level of treatment best suited to your unique problem.

Leading the industry through innovation - our specialist Entotherm heat treatment offers a unique non-chemical solution to textile pests, as effective as other more traditional methods.

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