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AutoGate is a rat control and alert system designed to comply with regulations governing the use of pesticides. It is a detachable unit that fits inside existing bait stations and uses a smart gate mechanism that opens to allow access to bait only when a rat is detected.

It is designed for use in high-risk areas where children or pets may be present or in countries where legislation restricts permanent baiting to protect people and the environment.

Complete rat control solution

Our AutoGate rat control solution comprises the five key integrated pest management stages to offer your business full protection against a rat infestation:

  • Monitor - AutoGate provides continuous monitoring of your site to enable an immediate response if an infestation occurs. The rat bait is only accessible after a rodent breaks the sensor lights inside the bait station at least three times.

  • Alert - A red LED light at the end of the unit begins to flash as soon as the gate is opened. An SMS alert is also automatically sent out by the unit to the local Rentokil technician for immediate response.

  • Respond - Once notified of a rat infestation, a local Rentokil technician will be in immediate contact with the customer to schedule for a visit at a convenient time. During the visit, the Rentokil technician services the bait station and surveys the site and the AutoGate units to determine the level of infestation.

  • Report - All service visit activity is recorded in myRentokil. Providing real-time information, it is accessible 24/7, to help you identify risks, recommendations and trends across your operation. myRentokil’s flexible and customisable functionality also provides interactive site plans and audit checklists.

  • Optimise - Preventive measures will be recommended to ensure maximum protection for your business needs. These may include tips for proofing your premises to protect your operation from further infestation.

Advantages of AutoGate

  • Immediate and automated response - the unit senses rodent activity and responds.

  • Legally compliant - uses rodenticides in accordance with Australian Regulations.

  • Safe in high risk areas - the safe containment of toxic bait and the ability to restrict access to protect the bait until a rat enters the unit allows its use in high-risk areas.

  • Wireless technology - real-time alerts are sent over wireless networks to technicians and the customer portal.

  • Immediate response - automated alerts allow rapid response to manage rat infestations.

  • Fully integrated - all data is available in myRentokil to assist with auditing and analysis.

  • Reduced risk - a reliable and efficient system reduces the risk of financial penalty or losses due to pest infestation.

  • Minimised risk of damage - property and products have greater protection.

  • Improved safety - for staff and customers.

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