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Building Inspection

When you’re buying a new home, you’re making a commitment for the long-term. You want to make sure that you and your family can live there in safety and comfort without worrying about the quality and structure of the building.

A professional building inspection can provide a thorough assessment of a home examining all areas, including the roof space, sub floor and external structures.

Rentokil’s Building Inspection Service

Our Building Inspectors are licensed experts with specialist equipment. We have extensive local knowledge and hands-on experience in the building industry, ensuring we provide the most accurate and detailed level of service and inspection. Please note, not available from our Brisbane office.

Details of a Report

  • A room-by-room analysis of the home identifying defects or concerns
  • Details and connectivity of appliances and services including hot water, electricity, smoke alarms and gas
  • Identification and recommendations of major and minor defects

Need an Inspection Now?

You can book online or call us on 1300 307 576. One of our expert inspectors will be out at your potential home as soon as possible.

You can also search for a report now, as we may already have an existing report of your potential home available.

Please note: Building inspections are not available from our Brisbane office.

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