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RADAR mouse trap

RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) mouse trap is a Rentokil innovation specifically for high-risk business environments. As a bait-free, humane mouse trap, it is the perfect option for areas where the use of rodenticide bait is not an option.

RADAR is the ideal solution for commercial environments with zero tolerance to mice.

RADAR riddance program

An intense two week trapping program with 6 service visits.

Our qualified and experienced technicians will identify mouse runs and harbourage sites and will then position RADAR units in areas most likely to catch mice.

Benefits of RADAR riddance

  • Safe & Effective: mice are caught, eradicated and contained with no rodenticides used.
  • Humane: trapped mice are despatched quickly and humanely using a lethal dose of Carbon Dioxide.
  • Discreet & unobtrusive: modern design that is strategically positioned at wall & floor joints.
  • Disinfection solution: to remove the bacteria and viruses those are left behind by mice.
RADAR riddance program

Using Rentokil’s RADAR

RADAR technology is available exclusively through Rentokil and only our customers can enjoy its many benefits.

Our tailored RADAR Riddance programmes have been designed to effectively and discreetly reduce mouse populations with an effective 24 hour a day trapping programme over a specific treatment period.

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Business benefits

If mice activity has been identified, our qualified technicians will install RADAR units in appropriate locations throughout your facility.

  • RADAR - Detects, captures and isolates mice efficiently and hygienically.

  • Suitable for sensitive areas - A bait-free mouse control solution, enabling use in high-risk environments. Units are usually placed at wall floor junctions and will not cause disruption to your operations.

  • Humane - Using carbon dioxide to kill a captured mouse.

  • Health & Safety compliant - Contract maintenance ensures optimal performance and full compliance with Health and Safety obligations.

  • Simple, secure design - Captured mouse is securely contained within the trap. No danger of contamination from pesticides. Our units are unobtrusive, extremely hygienic and easy to keep clean.

  • Early warning - Warning light is clear indicator of a mouse problem and allows for early mouse control measures to be implemented.

  • 24/7 Protection - Provides reassurance for your business. It can be used in conjunction with myRentokil our monitoring and reporting system, providing you with round the clock information on how your business is protected from mice.

  • Suitable for all industries - including Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Telecommunications, Hospitality and catering, Education and health establishments.

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How it works

  • Each mouse trap has an entrance at each end, allowing mice to run into it from either direction.
  • When the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it trips a circuit that closes both entrances.
  • Carbon dioxide gas is released in the tightly sealed container.
  • The gas acts rapidly and is widely recognised as a humane method of control. There is no danger of contamination as the mouse remains completely isolated.
  • A warning light illuminates to indicate capture, informing you of mice activity.
  • As the unit is self-contained, the mouse can be discreetly removed by your Rentokil technician, before he resets the unit.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Radar contains the active ingredient carbon dioxide.

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