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Digital pest control

Digital transformation is everywhere in businesses today, helping industries such as Food and Beverage Processing and Hospitality change the way they operate by replacing inefficient processes and working in smarter, more effective ways.

At Rentokil, we’ve applied the same thinking in our approach to age-old pest problems and utilise the latest in technology to develop digital pest management solutions for the modern environment.

Our range of IoT enabled pest management solutions provide commercial business customers unrivaled pest data, insights and reporting to help proactively prevent, monitor and manage pests with new levels of efficiency and control.


Pest control technology

By harnessing the power of digital technologies to advance pest control innovations, our digital pest management solutions eliminate pest, reduce the risk of costly infestations and offer new levels of insight at your fingers; all so you can get on with your business.

We believe that people and technology should work together. The insight we collect enhances the expertise of our pest control specialists. So when you work with us, you tap into a collective wealth of knowledge and expertise from more than 12,500 Rentokil pest control technicians worldwide.

Digital pest management: Bringing pest control into the 21st century

The modern world and its efficiencies - urbanisation, global trade - are evolving at such a rapid pace it constantly introduces growing and emerging pest threats. New challenges of increasing pest and business pressures can be met by utilising new technology such as IoT and cloud computing to help monitor, manage and control pest threats more effectively than ever before.

Enhanced visibility

Service records, recommendations and pest activity insights across multiple premises

Superior 24/7 control

365 pest monitoring and control enabling complete, real-time transparency

Compliance management

Automate reporting in compliance with ever-evolving pest management regulations



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