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What’s this bug in my home?


Ever found yourself surfing the web to find out what spider you have just seen crawling around your bathroom? Or uploading a (very badly taken) photo on your mobile onto Facebook captioned with the desperate words: What bug is this? – in the hope that your friends or family might be able to offer some words of wisdom or reassurance.

Been there. Done that!

Well, your life may just have got a lot simpler. If you haven’t already used our Pest Identification (Pest ID) tool, now is the time to try it out!

Pest Identification – what’s the big deal?

Correct pest or insect identification is the key first step to help you deal more effectively with a possible pest problem. Once you know the source of your problem you can take the right steps to control it -saving you money, time, effort and genuine stress!

Bugs, insects and even rodents come in all shapes and sizes. Insects commonly found in homes around Sydney could differ greatly from bugs found in properties in Perth or Hobart. Could you tell the difference between a termite and an ant? Or know if you have rats or mice in your attic?

Professional treatments and even DIY solutions will differ greatly depending on your invading pest. Further still the treatment might also need to change depending on the particular species in your home or business. For example, do you know how to deal with a brown rat versus a black rat?

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Pest ID Tool – how can it help me?

By identifying these pests at an early stage you can:

  1. Save Money & Time: If you know the pest invading your home or business you can avoid wasting time on efforts or money on products not suitable for the problem.
  2. Reduce Health Risk & Property Damage: Once you know what you are dealing with, it is easier to know how to act to protect the health of you and your family. There are often practical steps you can take to reduce damage to your building.
  3. Select the Right Treatment: As mentioned, treatments can vary not only from moths to fleas, but also perhaps within the hundreds of different species of common fleas. Early and correct pest identification, will help to choose the best course of management.

How does it work?

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  • Simply start the Pest ID process by selecting if the pest you have seen in your home is either a flying insect, a crawling insect, a rodent or a bird and view our extensive list of pest whom are possible causing you sleepless nights.
  • Still finding it hard to identify your pest? Then use the filter options in the top right hand corner where you can select your pests number of legs, size, size of antennae, colour, and where you found them.
  • Found your pest? Then give us a call for a free quote to manage your potential pest problem.

Looking for a safer, happier bug-free Home?

Take back control of your home with our Pest ID tool!

Pest and insect identification is no longer reserved for entomologists and industry experts, you now have the power too, to make important judgement calls based on correct identification.

Good luck!

Check out some fun we had internally to build our own pests out of Lego. Have you ever built Lego pests of your own? Please share with us on our Rentokil Facebook page.



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