What the moth? What is it about moths?

Kreethi Yadav

Don't let moths damage your clothesEither the life of a student is really taking its toll on me or a moth has taken great comfort in my one of two-branded pieces of clothing. Yes, my once deceptively slimming, vertically striped, red and white Calvin Klein top now sports a rather obnoxious hole. This tiny hole wouldn’t usually bother me, except for the fact it reveals that awkward waist meets hip-bulge when any human being (bar Kate Moss) slumps down on any seating apparatus.

I’ve met said moth; I remember it distinctly because he flew into my room a month ago, just as I was shutting the window, as they usually do. After a few minutes of death staring the moth, and attempting to “shoo” it, an exhausted me decided to close the window and go to bed for the moth had so far been a silent roommate.

What is it about moths that makes them fritter out as soon as the lights are off? Honestly! Frittered SMACK into my now shut window. Sharp left. ZOOM to my bed-post, angry that I’d closed the option of leaving before he’d made up his mind. Quick right. Smack into my wall. Silence. Repeat for the next 10 MINUTES. Until I turned the light back on, opened the window, chased a moth around my room and then proceeded to give up on life.

Then, just when the memory of this moth was distant enough for me to begin appreciating the little things in life again…I found a hole in my top and wondered when? WHEN between the death match of eye contact and the moth panic attack did it have time to lay eggs, also known as larvae that caused the damage to my favourite top??

Well next time, Mr Moth there will be less mercy and more Jandal. I hate moths. That is all.

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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