When is it time to call in the pest control experts?


Keep your occupants and visitors safe

We all want to protect those living in or working in our residence from pests. This extends to home visitors and pets – we want to keep them safe too!

No one wants to make contact with pests or the nasties they can leave behind. But when is it time to call an expert?

Do you wait to see how many pests you can tolerate? Is it when you spot one mouse in your pantry, or do you wait till you have a family of mice enjoying refuge behind your kitchen fridge? Pests often come in numbers and rodents can proliferate in a matter of weeks without even noticing. It’s important to be vigilant and keep an eye out for signs of pest activity. For mice, this can include droppings, markings, unfamiliar sounds, nesting, smell and tracks. Call the experts when you have sighted any activity.

Are you a DIY type of person? Do you resort to mainstream products and give it a go yourself? Some over-the-counter pest control efforts might work, but there are risks to using these DIY methods instead of calling in the experts. There are a number of potential health risks to consider – are there kids nearby? Is the cloud of chemicals headed towards your neighbour’s house? Are you close enough for chemicals to be useful? What happens if you agitate a nest and how do you manage a swarm? There are many horror stories of people trying to remove spiders and other pests using fire and end up burning their homes down. Minimise risk, time wasting and unnecessary DIY costs, and call the experts who are qualified and trained in pest control.

Buying, selling or leasing?

Before buying a property, ensure that you have a pre-purchase inspection to highlight any pest-related issues. 1 in 4 Australian homes are affected by termites – it’s important to hire a professional that uses the latest termite detection equipment, has licensed technicians, and provides comprehensive detailed reports to Australian Standards. Protect your investment and ensure your home is safe and sound.

When selling or leasing the property, giving a pest controlled impression provides peace-of-mind to the market. It demonstrates that the property has been looked after and there’s no hidden damage or pest risk. Call the experts when you are making pest control decisions about your investment.

Safeguard your property when renovating

It’s common that home or business owners forget to treat their property for pests. When you renovate your property, this creates exposure to pests and the elements. Pests are curious and adaptable – they are relentless in their search for food and comfort. Your renovation could create that comfortable haven for their nests resulting in a breeding frenzy.

Not only are pests searching for new dwellings, they may already be there! Keep in mind that you may be disturbing nests and various habitats. It’s common for home renovators to come into pest related issues. This applies to new home constructions too – environments have been upset and pests will be relocating as a result.

Year Round Protection

At Rentokil Pest Control, we recommend not waiting until an infestation.

Take control and minimise risk head on. Call the experts to guarantee peace of mind and protect your occupants and visitors all year round. Don’t forget an annual termite inspection – termites can remain undetected by the untrained eye – until it’s too late!


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