The Mothership and its Forcefield

Kreethi Yadav

Worker TermitesIt’s only a matter of time before scientists discover that processed ham will kill you. Somewhere in a small university laboratory, there is a scientist completing a study on the effects of long-term processed ham abuse. Any day now he is going to tell me that I have been inadvertently poisoning my children for years with the daily ham sandwich in their lunchboxes. My defence will be “Really sorry, I didn’t know.”

We were told after our recent termite inspection that we will need more than just termite baiting and monitoring. No, we will need to create a chemical barrier around our home (euphemistically named a Termite Treatment) – which I like to call a Forcefield of Substances Potentially Injurious to Small Children, Pregnant Women and Innocent Bystanders.

And suddenly, I wanted to know about the studies done on the long term effects of Termite Treatments. Faced with the prospect of people drilling holes into the walls of my home and injecting chemicals into these holes, near my sleeping children, I wanted a company with years in the termite control business. I wanted a company with a demonstrated commitment to the health and safety of its staff and customers; with access to global science and technology but local relationships and a local reputation to protect.

I wanted a company with a track record that would help me sleep at night, despite my constant itching. Thankfully, several quotes, recommendations and some internet research later, I found it in Rentokil.

Blog written by Shankari Chandran, a parenting blogger based in Sydney. You can visit Shankari’s blog here:

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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