A close up of Termites

Termites by numbers


A close up of TermitesTermites are mother natures little recyclers and can be found be found in many tropical, subtropical and temperate zones of the world. They are big in the world of pest control and there are so many of them, it is difficult to keep up.

So, here we have put a few interesting NUMBERS together to try and understand this most structurally damaging of pests.

  • 2 is for the types of homes that exist in Australia those that have termites and those that do not.
  • 300+ is for the number of termite species found Down Under.
  • 1million is the number of members within some subterranean termite┬ácolonies.
  • 25 is the overall percentage (%) by which termite damage can devalue a home.
  • 2mm is the size of gap or crack a subterranean termite can pass through.
  • 3 is for the number of castes within most termite species: the reproductives, the soldiers and the workers.
  • 100million is the cost in Australian dollars of damage caused by termites to properties in one year.
  • 4.0 6.5mm is the length of a Coptotermes species soldier, the most widespread and damaging genus of termite across Australia

Termite Damage to the back wall of a homeAnd lastly..

  • 365 is the number of days that termites are active in a year this is not a seasonal pest!

Share some more of your termite numbers with us!


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