A Vaccination that doesn’t Hurt

Kreethi Yadav

A close up of TermitesToday Mark, our Rentokil guy, turned up with his team of technicians. They stepped out of their vans (they needed three, it was a big job); and armed with all manner of termite-artillery, they were ready to create a protective barrier around my home. The termite treatment consisted of termite baiting to deal with the One Million Termites in the colony at the back of the garden. They also put in the chemical barrier to ensure that despite the moist, termite-perfect conditions the constant rain is creating in Sydney, the termites can’t set up a rogue colony somewhere else in my home.

The job took a full day and it involved drilling things, moving things, spraying things and checking things. Somehow the Rentokil team also managed to re-organise my garage whilst using it to access the belly of our house. Yes, they re-organised it and it looks brilliant – the children were thrilled to be reunited with long-lost lego. Thank you guys, you can come over anytime.

I am diligent and dedicated about vaccinating my children. Prevention has always seemed better than the cure or a late night trip to A&E. For some reason, it never occurred to me to vaccinate my home against the predator most likely to destroy it. Termite prevention for us has been a revelation – easy, affordable, reassuring and the smarter thing to do than post-destruction termite treatments. It’s going to be part of our regular home health-check:

-              Fire alarms working? – check

-              Building & Contents insurance renewed? – check

-              Disney Channel ready in case of family meltdown? – check

-              Annual termite inspection booked? – check.

Itching stopped? Check.

Blog written by Shankari Chandran, a parenting blogger based in Sydney. You can visit Shankari’s blog here: http://duckformation.wordpress.com

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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