Termite protection tips for your home


Stopping termites before they can make a meal of your home is the best termite protection method.

Termite Protection for your home

Buying a home?

If you’re buying a new home, ensure you have had the place thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional, and keep up with regular termite inspections. Pre-purchase inspections give you the essential details you need to know about your potential purchase. If you request a pest inspection of a property, the report will identify termites, borers and even fungal decay!

Even if you have no sign of termites, it’s a good idea to have a protective barrier in place.

Termite Protection for your home

Building or renovating?

If you’re building or renovating, engage a professional who specialises in pre-construction termite barriers. It’s imperative that your structure is fitted with a termite management system and/or be built using termite resistant structural materials.

There’s a suite of pre-construction termite systems available whether it’s for an extension, renovation or new building.

Termite Protection for your home

Physical termite barrier

Physical termite barriers are placed underneath the slab of your home to prevent entry by termites.  This method may suit those who are building a new home or an extension. Termites that attempt to gain entry when they come up to the physical barrier and will have to go around it, and they should be found during an inspection.

Chemical termite treatment
Soil is treated with chemicals, either under concreate flooring and/or around the entire foundation perimeter to provide a continuous barrier in the soil against termite entry. A chemical barrier is suitable for those who want to take steps towards protecting their home as it can be implemented at any time. Some chemicals are designed to kill termites and others are designed to deter them. Engage with your termite professional about choosing the right time of termite chemical barrier for you.

Termite Protection for your home

Termite reticulation systems

Reticulation systems are installed around the foundations of the home using a network of underground pipes. These are beneficial if you have been assessed as living in a high risk termite area or if you are building a new home. Chemical levels in the system should be topped up every three to five years in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Termite Protection for your home

Annual Termite Inspections

The CSIRO recommends a competent termite inspection at least on an annual basis (and in some cases more frequent) depending on your risk of termites. These are essential for early detection of termite activity.

Prevent potential large scale damage and expensive repairs by contacting your trusted termite professionals.


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