Termite control: A long term relationship


TermitesOur family is about to embark on what is potentially a costly and invasive termite-control process. A simple internet search of “Pest Control Sydney” reveals hundreds of pest control companies, with nothing but their own marketing spin to enlighten me. As we all know, you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet.

Clueless, stressed and eyeing my termite-infested retaining wall fearfully, I turned to the advice of friends. Some recommended hiring a trusted national company, others recommended the cheaper little guy. Everyone recommended acting fast before the invading army crossed the final frontier – our 30 year old decking – to feast on our lovingly restored floorboards.

The more I read about pest control companies, the more I realised I would need to choose a company that I liked enough to stay with for a very long time. Some one with whom I could build a long term relationship with. Yes, I kid you not – a long term relationship. I am a home-owner (well, I am a mortgage-holder) and my family and I are going to be in this house for several decades (unless the termites really do get hold of it). So whoever takes care of this problem for me needs to do it properly and affordably. I want to know that I can trust them, respect them and like them for the next 25 years. And like any good long term relationship they need to take out the trash without being nagged, put up with my occasional anxiety attacks and be nice to my children. The search for the right company has just narrowed.



  1. Yes, pest control companies have long term services, with monthly or quarterly inspections/treatments. It’s best to do thorough research on a company for these kinds of offers as these are the best kind of protection for your wonderful homes.

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