Tag: Debugged – the lighter side of pest control

Kreethi Yadav
Australia’s spider reputation is bigger than its bite, with close to 3,000 species crawling around the country. Considered one of the most spider-filled nations, Australia is home to an array of spiders coming in various shapes,...
Kreethi Yadav
Australia is renowned globally for having the prettiest and sometimes deadliest species native to our land. Unfortunately, our native wildlife compete with a few introduced animal species that have thrived in the warm climate and enjoy...
Kreethi Yadav
A common question that we get asked is “why can’t we just treat the cockroaches once and be done with it?” To answer that we need to understand the lifecycle of cockroaches and the environmental impacts on cockroach...
Kreethi Yadav
The Problem Sabre Drive in Port Melbourne has long been known as a haven for seagulls and pigeons. Situated within metres of the water, occupants within the area are susceptible to becoming victims of uninvited pest...
Kreethi Yadav
A case study from our UK team The food packaging industry has some of the most stringent quality control standards around the world. UK based food packaging business, Coppice Alupack, turned to Rentokil to ensure that...



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