Seagulls aren’t just a menace at the beach


SeagullsThe Problem
Sabre Drive in Port Melbourne has long been known as a haven for seagulls and pigeons. Situated within metres of the water, occupants within the area are susceptible to becoming victims of uninvited pest birds roosting on the roofs and awnings of their properties, causing daily disruptions and damage to property by loitering and defecating.

These uninvited inhabitants proved truly detrimental to one of the occupants; when a pharmaceutical company located on the street failed a health and safety audit due to seagulls roosting on their roof. Presenting an even more serious issue for the pharmaceutical company, the bird problem demanded immediate attention.

Pest birds, such as seagulls and pigeons are known to carry diseases thus presenting a health risk to company staff. The hygiene of the pharmaceutical products being manufactured was also at risk, which could compromise the safety of customers and staff as well as prove damaging to the companies reputation.

Rentokil’s Solution
Being the experts in Bird Control, Rentokil were contacted by the pharmaceutical company for a solution to their bird problem. Rentokil’s thorough and methodical approach allows for each specific bird situation to be carefully analysed in order for the best solution to be identified.
In this case, Rentokil implemented strategic installation of bird deterrent spikes and roof netting to prevent pest birds from roosting as well as damaging property and defecating in critical areas.

The Result
Rentokil’s efforts proved highly effective, as bird proofing measures implemented within the pharmaceutical company had driven the birds to roost and access other areas of the building. As a result, neighbouring tenants within Sabre Drive were prompted to address their own bird control issues. Impressed by the excellent quality and level of pest bird protection that the pharmaceutical company was experiencing, these tenants also contacted Rentokil to take advantage of our expert bird proofing solutions. Rentokil has now successfully installed preventative bird proofing to all but one of the buildings on Sabre Drive.


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