Rodent season is upon us


As temperatures drop, now is the time that rats and mice are making a determined effort to seek warm and dry shelter in our homes and businesses over the cooler months. Our hot summer provides sensational breeding conditions for rodents, and now they’re abundant in numbers!

Keep an eye out for small cracks and crevices. If you can poke a pencil through a hole a mouse can get in they can dislocate their jaw if necessary! If your thumb can pass through the hole, a rat can gain access as they can elongate their bodies and fit through these tight spaces.

The three most common rodents encountered in Australia are the Black Rat (Rattus rattus), the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) and House Mouse. The Brown Rat nests in dirt burrows and stays close to food supply in and around homes and businesses. The Black Rat can be found in coastal towns and many urban environments across Australia, are incredibly agile and are very good climbers. The house mouse is partial to nesting indoors among stored materials but can be also found living outside near lawns and fields.

Signs of Rodents

Rodents are easy to spot if you keep an eye out for the common signs:

  • Droppings: a trail of droppings around your home and/or office cupboards and kitchen areas
  • Rub Marks: when the rodents rub against a hard surface they leave dirty marks
  • Smell: they leave a trail of urine which leaves a very distinct and unpleasant smell
  • Teeth Marks: they will gnaw to gain access to food, even hard objects

Prevention Tips

They are known to carrying diseases and bacteria, contaminating surface areas around your property, bringing with them potential risks to your health. Good housekeeping, hygiene and proofing can help provide solutions to rodent problems:

  • Vegetation control: by use of herbicides or manual reduction.
  • Harbourage removal: by the implementation of a clean-up of stored items inside or externally.
  • Exclusion: by closing entry holes or other building modification to deny entry.
  • Sanitation: by ensuring no accumulation of spilt food/feed items occurs in production or storage areas of premises.

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  1. Really great article with a lot of common sense, and easy to implement ideas to minimise rat infestations. Living in Australia they are a constant threat, so anything home and business owners can do to reduce the likelihood of rats and mice will make for a healthier and safer environment. Thanks for the thoughtful, practical tips.

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