The importance of protecting your business reputation from pests


Alain-Moffroid-Rentokil-InitialThe importance of protecting your brand reputation has never been as important as it is today; a negative social media post can be seen all over the world before you’re even aware of it. We speak with Rentokil Initial’s Managing Director, Alain Moffroid, on what this means for health, hygiene and protection from pests in your business.

Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Pacific, Alain Moffroid offers 3 insights into why your business should have a pest control management plan in today’s digital age.

What does the increasingly digital nature of our world mean for brand reputation in this sector?

Brand reputation is a major concern for businesses in any sector, but particularly pertinent for those working with stringent hygiene and pest management standards. The popularity of social media makes businesses more accountable for their hygiene standards, as the prevalence of Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms means that a small internal issue can be publicised instantly.

How does Rentokil Pest Control contribute to maintaining or improving overall brand reputation?

Our key aim is to create safer, healthier and more hygienic places to work and live in, to safeguard and enhance the bottom line of our customers.

For example, a food contamination issue from a pest problem could very easily destroy a brand and the reputation of the manufacturer. By providing an expert service that aims to prevent any of those issues from arising in the first place, we minimise risk and reputational damage. We are in effect helping business to be better and stronger by protecting their brand and reputation.

Why are the services that Rentokil offer critical for businesses?

I believe that what we are offering today is more relevant to our customers than it was yesterday, and it will be more relevant tomorrow than it is today. 20 years ago, when you had a cockroach in your manufacturing plant or restaurant, it was a local issue. Today, it’s a national, or sometimes international, issue.

I only see that intensifying. On one hand, social media will make businesses more accountable for their hygiene standards. On the other hand, stronger regulations around food safety will make it vital for businesses to get hygiene and pest control right. Being the experts in the field of pest control places us in a unique position to be an essential partner to all our customers. I really believe that with the quality of the service and products that we’re offering, we can only grow in the future and continue to help make businesses better.



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