How to reduce the risk of bed bugs in your business

Kreethi Yadav

BedbugsDid you know female bed bugs can lay more than 200 eggs in their lifetime? Or, that they can live for months without feeding? As the number of Australians that travel abroad, and international travelers that visit the country increases, so do the chances of suffering from a bed bug infestation in your home or hotel. Here, Rentokil tells you what to look for, how to reduce your risk and how to deal with any complaints surrounding bed bugs in your business.

Bed bug signs, what to look for:

  • Live or dead bugs
  • Shed nymph skins
  • Bed bug faecal stains
  • Early signs will typically show in bedrooms, bed sheets, mattress buttons and seams, bed frames, behind headboards, around skirting boards and carpet edges

Stop bed bugs in their travels

  • Minimise movement of furniture between rooms
  • Avoid mixing dirty and clean laundry

How to reduce the risk

  • Staff training – Aimed at housekeeping and maintenance staff, to educate on spotting bed bugs and preventing the spread of infestations
  • Ensure all second-hand furniture is thoroughly inspected before use
  • Keep all wall paper, paint, plaster and skirting boards in good condition
  • Minimise use of wicker, cane and wood furniture and avoid upholstered headboards

Actions following a customer complaint

  • Quarantine the room – restrict access for all staff and guests
  • Call Rentokil Pest Control to carry out an inspection and confirm bed bug issue
  • Do not remove anything from the room. Leave all bedding and furniture in place
  • Move your guest to another room, ask them to bring personal items only
  • Remove all possibly infected equipment, such as vacuums, from residential area until they have been inspected
  • Do empathise with the customer’s situation and advise that allergic reactions can arise for a number of reasons. Record in detail what the customer has experienced.

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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