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Kreethi Yadav

A case study from our UK team

Aluminium_take-out_trayThe food packaging industry has some of the most stringent quality control standards around the world. UK based food packaging business, Coppice Alupack, turned to Rentokil to ensure that their pest control practices were above and beyond in quality and efficiency. With a site measuring 11,200m2, PestNetOnline’s digital reporting and monitoring system was instrumental in improving the company’s government rating and overall productivity – providing a competitive edge in business.

All of Coppice Alupack’s reporting is now maintained within the PestNetOnline software, making it a great deal easier and faster to access necessary reports and information. This becomes particularly helpful when governing bodies or potential customers require details about technician visits and the company’s pest prevention measures.

PestNetOnline is a fully flexible, easy to use, secure and online service that can assist in you efficiently managing your business’ pest control program with real time data and online documentation.

Protect your business

PestNetOnline not only effectively protects your business against pest infestations, but also maintains the integrity of your pest control records – keeping thorough documentation of your services and treatments. Real time data and online documentation ensures that your pest control records are always complete and up to date.

Tailor your service

With four distinct service options, there’s a different level designed to suit every range of business requirement. PestNetOnline also offers specialist multi-site options, including the option to group your estates into distinct sets for reporting.

Safe & secure

You can have complete peace of mind about the safety of your records with password protected and encrypted online access and data storage.

24/7 availability

The online nature of the program means that it is easily available from any Internet access point. It requires no software downloads and is completely paperless, with data easily exported from the system into downloadable, shareable files.

Image Source: By Dianakc (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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