Couple finds rat in toilet | Rentokil AU

Rat appears in toilet

Couple finds rat in toilet | Rentokil AU
Getting rid of rats is hard. Especially if they’re living in your toilet.

Being in the rodent control business you are attuned to media stories that pop up with the words “rat” in the title. But this one made me do a double-take:

“Couple too terrified to use own bathroom after rat appears in toilet”

It’s one of my greatest fears. Admittedly, it’s usually a fear that is linked to spiders and toilets in caravan parks, but a fear none-the-less.

This particular story appeared in the Metro Online (UK). Poor Margaret Woods of Sutton discovered the rat taking up residence in her loo while doing what you usually do on a loo (cue hairs raising up on the back on your neck).

Margaret and her husband Keith have now taken to flushing the toilet several times and running the taps before they’ll use the toilet. But Roland (yep, they’ve named him) refuses to leave. They even have a video of the rat poking his head out from the U-bend.

Getting rid of rats can be hard, especially when they have access to food sources that you cannot control.

Our head of technical training in the UK, David Cross, was quoted in the article: ‘Thankfully, this is still a very rare occurrence, but we have seen more of these cases in recent years. Rats are an ingenious species, and they will do anything within their power to access new sources of food. After navigating a U-bend for the first time, the rodents become more confident and will often make repeat visits to the same property. Use of one-way valves in the manhole chamber can provide (amongst other things) an additional barrier for rats by denying them access to the soil pipe.’

I think I’ll be checking the toilet more than completely necessary from now on.




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  1. ive seen a video in youtube where a guy is trying to pick out a snake inside the bowl i thought it was fake but now rats living inside the bowl wow… what we have here were only cockroaches swimming in the bowl water… glad no snake nor rat yet..

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