Rentokil Initial receives The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2018


Her Majesty The Queen has announced that Rentokil Initial has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for its RADAR and PestConnect systems, in recognition of its leadership position in product and digital innovation for commercial pest control.

This year’s award builds upon earlier success in 2017 when the Company was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

The Queen’s Award celebrates enterprise and business excellence and is the UK’s highest accolade for business success. A five-year Grant of Appointment is awarded to recipient companies.

Innovating pest control through digital and IoT technologies

Innovation is at the core of our business at Rentokil Initial, as Chief Executive Officer, Andy Ransom aptly summarises: “Innovation is a core part of Rentokil Initial’s DNA and underlines our credentials as the global leader in commercial pest control.  We lead the industry in digital pest control and work with best-in-class partners, such as Google, to set increasingly high standards of service for our customers.”

The prestigious award was given to our PestConnect range of digital pest control products, which consists of:

The term “Connect” here refers to the innovative technical solution that is designed to help businesses that are intent on delivering high standards of pest control and hygiene as well as health and safety.

Operating with cloud computing technology, Connect consists of an ecosystem of connected devices that has a range of sensors that send pest control data to the cloud.

The PestConnect range operates with the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which enables business customers to enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Smartphone messaging: Once a connected RADAR unit has been activated, a message is received by the local Rentokil team that there’s rodent activity in this particular unit, meaning a quicker and more accurate response is prompted.
  • 365/24/7 monitoring & reporting: This provides extra assurance for our customers who can access the data and reports in our myRentokil customer portal.
  • Google cloud storage:  To date, over 30m messages have been sent from the thousands of connected RADAR units in premises across the globe.
  • Data analysis and trend mapping:  Through the Rentokil online Command Centre (which maps and monitors rodent activity from the customer floorplan up to country level), our pest control experts can deliver big data insights to deliver a better and enhanced service.

What is RADAR Connect?

The Rentokil RADAR (rodent activated, detection and riddance) device is a revolutionary rodent trap for use in professional pest control services (business customers include food production, restaurants, offices and other industries), which features a unique combination of infrared technology and fast-acting CO2, instead of traditional poisons, for rodent control.

RADAR Connect can be used as a part of an integrated pest management system targeting pest-free environments by eradicating mice via automated monitoring and protection. It thereby enables business customers to take control of their rodent concerns across operational environments in a hygienic, safe and efficient way.

This is facilitated through a five-step cyclical process:

  1. Monitor: RADAR units are placed at strategic points around the facility to provide continuous monitoring of mouse activity.
  2. Alert: Infrared sensors inside detect when a mouse enters a unit and signals the unit to close both entrances, trapping the mouse in a tightly-sealed container.
  3. Respond: On receiving an alert, Rentokil will receive the information and will respond accordingly. When onsite, the technician services the unit to remove the rodent, clean the unit and then reset it. The technician also inspects the facility to determine how the mouse infestation occurred and identify ways to improve protection and prevention.
  4. Report: The technician records the service activity on their smart device that then sends the data to a cloud server.
  5. Optimise: Following the onsite survey, the technician recommends preventive measures, which are recorded in the PDA and also made available to the customer in their myRentokil accounts. The customer can access all the incident data for auditing, to identify risks, act on recommendations and chart trends across all their sites to comply with legislative requirements and regulatory standards.

What is myRentokil?

myRentokil is an online reporting and analysis portal for our business customers to track their pest management activity in real-time, 24/7.

The portal is backed up on secure Rentokil Initial servers and consists of customisable reporting capabilities, thereby enabling customers to have reports that are tailored to their specific requirements — e.g  multiple operations sites across locations based worldwide — and delivered straight to their inboxes.

For example, our food processor business customers benefit from using the pest management data gathered through myRentokil to help them prepare for food safety audits to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

myRentokil is available across multiple internet-enabled devices, eg smartphones (both Apple and Android operating systems), tablets as well as desktops so that customers can keep tabs on their pest management activities wherever they are.

To read the full press release, please click here and for all your commercial pest control requirements, simply click the button below to get in touch with our expert team.


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