Prevent pests this winter

How to prevent pests in your home this Winter


Don’t mistake winter as a time to forget about pest control services. This is a critical time for pest professionals to identify pest entry points and create a protective barrier for your home.

Prevent pests this winter

Winter house tips

In winter, pests are likely to seek the warmth and shelter of the indoors. They often reside in wall cavities, storage areas, behind boxes, sheds, under drawers, and are often not too far from a food source. In addition to pest control, you may wish to:

  • Keep storage areas well organised and reduce clutter
  • Address any moisture sites including leaking pipes
  • Repair any damaged fly screens
  • Fill any gaps that provide easy pest access

Prevent pests this winter

Winter pests

Pests can remain just as active and can do serious damage to your property. Rodents gnaw at anything including electrical wiring, timber, cladding, as they need to chew on items to keep their teeth shortened. Your food in the pantry isn’t the only thing at risk; chewed electrical wiring is extremely dangerous and it’s been known to cause house fires. Keep an eye out for any pest activity signs such as gnaw marks, droppings, and pay extra attention to scratching noises and scurrying movements. Definitely call your professional pest controller to take action of these winter pests.

Prevent pests this winter

Year Round Protection

Preparing for the warmer months is essential. As many of the pests are hiding in your home, don’t wait for them to make an appearance in numbers before you take action. Chat with your professional pest control company and ask if they have any annual protection programs. It’s important to have your property protected all year round and not just at times of infestation. Check that these include regular visits throughout the year and include an annual termite inspection.

Invasive pests want to remain indoors during the winter season for the same reasons you do. It’s important to perform winter pest control treatments to ensure that your property is protected year round.

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