7 ways to prevent mosquitoes at home


Being littered with mosquito bites and covered in a not-so-attractive shade of calamine lotion may not be the summer you were hoping for. We seem to be a mosquito’s favourite meal during summer, which can easily become quite stressful.

How to keep those mosquitoes away

Luckily there are a handful of prevention techniques you can use to help prevent mosquitoes in your home, letting you enjoy the long summer evenings in your garden in peace.

7 simple tips to prevent mosquitoes in your home:

Without further adieu here is a list of 7 simple tips to prevent mosquitoes in your home.

1. Green fingers

Regularly maintain your garden and lawn keeping the grass short to around 6cms in height and keep plants and bushes trimmed neat and tidy. Long grass and plants provide mosquitoes with great spots to rest and survive the hot temperatures, so getting your green fingers out is a great way to prevent them!

2. Blow them away!

Mosquitoes aren’t the strongest flyers.  Using fans can help force them out of the room and make it very difficult for them to fly. These marvelous inventions, be it ceiling, desk and tower fans can help repel them.

3. Remove standing water

Mosquitoes search for bodies of water to lay their eggs. It’s best to remove water found in buckets, drains, kiddie pools, watering cans etc. and make your home and garden less attractive to these pesky biting insects.

4. Bird baths

While we are on the subject of standing water, we must not forget bird baths. Cleaning the bird bath regularly and replacing the water once a week can help prevent these biting insects.

They do look beautiful, but the downside is they provide mosquitoes with a great place to breed.

5. Keep it moving!

If standing water attracts mosquitoes then what about ponds?

Ponds do provide mosquitoes with another opportunity to lay their eggs, but luckily, mosquitoes aren’t big fans of laying their eggs in moving water. To prevent your pond from transforming into a maternity ward for mosquitoes, installing a fountain or a water agitator will help prevent them in your garden.

6. What about pets?

You guessed it! Pet water dishes are another source of water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in your home and garden.

It’s important to ensure that your pets always have some water to drink when they are parched, but this can also attract mosquitoes. Have no fear though as changing the water regularly in their dish will keep these blood suckers away!

7. Stock up on fine mesh

When it’s baking hot outside, it’s tempting to open windows and doors to let fresh air into your home. Unfortunately, this can create an open invitation for mosquitoes to enter your home.

Installing fine mesh screens which are bug resistant can help block off the easy entrance points for mosquitoes whilst also letting you keep that cool breezy run through your home.

Professional mosquito control

Just a heads up, these home remedies for mosquitoes in this blog aren’t a foolproof solution to fully exterminate these biting insects. If you have a mosquito problem, your best option is to contact a professional pest controller to control the issue in your home.


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