The power of pest control data


Data insights collected through our myRentokil platform. This is a powerful tool for analysing, predicting, and identifying any pest-related problems throughout the food supply chain.

Pests are relentless in their search for food and shelter, highlighting how adaptable and destructive they can be. myRentokil is a medium to help keep food-related sites free from pest contamination.

Legislative requirements shift the ownership and accountability towards organisations to manage the safety and conformity to all food standards. This includes suppliers, products and supplies. Each playing an integral part in the processing, manufacturing, packing, supply and distribution of food ingredients and products.

It is well-known that authorities have tightened requirements for all components of food supply chains following major food safety scares and outbreaks of foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria.

Businesses cannot simply hide with these incidents making news headlines and resulting in increased public awareness of food quality and safety. Significant pressure is placed on organisations to improve safety of food supplies especially across complex supply chains.


The myRentokil customer portal is the central hub where data is made available immediately to every customer.

This system provides trend reporting, recommendation management, charts, interactive maps and various analytical tools to support both internal and external audits. The data is entered by our technicians into myRentokil and can be used to highlight risks and pest activity throughout the food supply chain each time a site visit is conducted.

Detailed recommendations made by a Rentokil technician can be accessed immediately and give management an instant indication on critical areas that need improvement and addressing.

Audit Compliance

myRentokil provides a specific section of pre-populated charts of pest activity and recommendations to enable quick and efficient response to food safety audits.

A customisable audit report, fully transparent service history and Rentokil documentation are also close to hand within myRentokil.

The data available in myRentokil helps businesses achieve compliance with food safety standards and legislation, and most importantly, improve the safety for consumers.


How does myRentokil work?

  1. Pest activity and recommendations are recording by site/zone by your Rentokil technician via a PDA
  2. Data is transmitted in ‘real time’ via wireless technology
  3. Information reaches Rentokil servers and updates our back-office system

myRentokil provides clear and concise reporting, providing details of all services carried out on site. These include service specifications for pests covered and special requirements, history of pesticide treatments and usage, full service reports, risk assessment and material safety data sheets. MyRentokil is all about proactive pest control through detailed data capturing and reporting.

The key benefits and features of myRentokil include:

  • 24/7 information access
  • Trend analysis of pest activity
  • Management pest prevention recommendations
  • Multi-site capabilities with interactive site plans
  • Customised reporting
  • Document download facility
  • Intuitive user interfacemyRentokil Banner


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  1. Proper pest control methods should be adapted at the food supply chains because of these pests the food might get contaminated and cause health problem the people.

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