Pests threatening the famous Birmingham Markets

Kreethi Yadav

A Case Study from our UK team

Birmingham-markets-cc rentokilWhen a cockroach and mice infestation was discovered at Birmingham’s Indoor Market in the UK, the city council acted quickly and called the experts. Famous for its fresh meat and fish, the 140-stall market also sells clothing and textiles. German cockroaches were brought into the market unknowingly in product transport boxes and although a secondary issue, mice were also spreading rapidly.

“It was agreed with Environmental Health Officers to close the market for a number of days. The priority for all parties was to re-open the market as soon as possible and it was agreed to pursue intensive treatments for both pests”, said Kevin Lawrenson, leader of the local Rentokil team.

As many of the cockroaches were found in clothing and fabrics, Rentokil’s Entotherm heat treatment was identified as a key part of the solution. The chemical free treatment eliminates all lifecycle stages of insects through the application of dry heat and was able to reach all areas of infestation efficiently. The use of Entotherm, as opposed to other more traditional chemical treatments, also meant areas and items could be used almost immediately after treatment with no residual side effects, allowing business to continue as quickly as possible.

Steve Grogan, Head of Operations at the Indoor Market said “Closing down the market was the last resort, given the impact it would have on trade, but our first responsibility was the well-being of our traders and the general public. The success of the project was down to the full co-operation and commitment of everyone involved. The single goal of re-opening the market as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to traders, created an impressive team ethic.”

The facts

  • A total of 12 Rentokil technicians, a team leader and local operations manager were on-site throughout the three days to carry out the project
  • Night inspections were carried out to identify the exact locations of the cockroaches
  • An intensive cleaning program took place, with stall holders removing any potential food sources available to pests as well as dismantling affected stalls
  • Clothes and fabrics infested with cockroaches were transported to and from kilns to be heat treated, using a total of four 20-foot containers throughout the project
  • A combination of re-baiting, glue boarding and insecticide treatments were used to tackle cockroaches and mice throughout the premises
  • The team achieved its goal of re-opening the market within four weekdays, enabling traders to still capitalise on weekend trading

Why Rentokil’s heat treatment was the perfect solution

  • Chemical-free – allowing treated items to be re-used directly afterwards and reducing the risk of damaging fragile items
  • Effective in a Single Treatment – kills all stages of an insect’s lifecycle, from egg to adult, in one treatment, even in areas where traditional chemicals would not penetrate
  • Minimal Disruption – easy and convenient treatment of insect infested items on site
  • Enables Thorough Inspection – the removal of infested items from the vicinity allows a more thorough inspection to can be undertaken, identifying other contributing issues
  • Fully Controlled – under the complete control of a Rentokil expert throughout the entire process, ensuring 100% effective treatment on every occasion with a full proof of service report provided.

Find out more about Rentokil’s Entotherm heat treatment in Australia: call 1300 805 087 to speak to a local expert.


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Kreethi Yadav
Kreethi Yadav

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