5 things to expect at your pest treatment


So you’ve made the decision to have your home professionally treated for pests, but what can you expect at this service and how can you be better prepared?


Ensure that general housekeeping is carried out prior to the service, including clearing bench tops of food items, and pack away any loose household items around floor areas. Once a treatment has been applied, please do not clean these areas (no mopping, wiping of gels in cupboards, or hosing). This won’t allow the treatment to be effective. It’s best to do all the necessary cleaning prior to the treatment.

Move Furniture

Internal pest treatments often involve spraying your home perimeter and entry points including skirting boards, all entryways and doorways. It would be great if you could move furniture away from walls to allow for the thorough treatment application.


You can be present during the service, but not in the immediate vicinity of pesticide application. It is advisable to vacate premises for a minimum of 4 hours after completion of treatment particularly if anyone is pregnant, suffers from respiratory complaints, and if you have babies or young children (particularly those at the crawling stage), and pets in the home. The key point here is to wait until the treated areas are dry.

Problem areas

Chat with your pest technician and let them know of any locations around your home where you are concerned. Particularly areas where you may have spotted an increase in pest activity. Your technician can help assess any contributing factors.. Make recommendations and intensify the treatment program for these locations, if required.


A qualified technician will complete a full risk assessment and provide a full treatment report that includes recommendations for future prevention of pest activity to your home. This may include trimming vegetation away from your home and eliminating clutter. Ensuring that food doesn’t remain in pet feeding dishes overnight and storing food in plastic or metal containers.

Speak to your professional pest controller about protecting your home against pests all year round. How often treatments should be carried out – offering you that peace of mind and ultimate protection for your home and family.



  1. What can one do about Mozzies. Live on 3rd floor in a brand new apartment.

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