The recent floods in NSW are compounding pest plague problems throughout the region

No doubt you will have seen the impact that the floods in NSW are having on commercial properties and homeowners throughout the region:
  • Rat and mice infestations as rodents swim to higher ground and indoor to warm spaces
  • Increased spider activity as burrows and nests are flushed out
  • Lengthened mosquito season as the stagnant water and warm weather continues to provide optimal breeding conditions
The recent flooding has impacted regions throughout the country. Water has flushed rodents and spiders aboveground and this is, unfortunately, has compounded the already burgeoning rodent plague that has blighted several regions throughout Australia.  The now warm weather, coupled with the pooling of stagnant water is also a breeding haven for mosquitoes.

Experiencing an increase in rodent activity or perhaps noticing more spiders or mosquitoes around your property?

If you are currently trying to manage an infestation or are concerned about mosquito or spider activity, call Rentokil today. Our pest experts are local and can visit your site to conduct a full audit of your building, inside and out, and recommend any remedial or intervention plans to remove your pest issue.

Call Rentokil today on 1300 307 938 for a free on-site audit and assessment of your commercial property and surroundings.

Kathryn Birett

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